LeMond GForce RT Recumbent Bike


  • Lower Profile: For ease of use. Why stumble over high thresholds?
  • Stronger Frame: For strength and stability. Say good-bye to the rocking motion and seat wiggles you get with other bikes.
  • Cordless: Attractive design fits anywhere.
  • Smaller Footprint: Takes up less room than a treadmill or elliptical.
  • The Right Pedal to Seat Ratio- Breakthrough design gives you a better hip to knee to pedal relationship than any other recumbent bike. With more muscle involvement, you not only feel better pedaling – you get a more effective workout.
  • A Revolutionary Seat- Adjustable seat angle and unique mesh back. Pick a riding position that works best for you simply by adjusting the seat to move forward or back – with 5 different incline positions to vary your workout.
  • USB Enabled Console- Allows you to record your workout results and download to your WKO Diary.
  • Scrolling Personal Workout Profile: Console displays time, distance, heart rate, calories, and watts.
  • 13 Custom Workout Programs: Select Manual, Fat Burner, Hill, or Heart Rate Training – plus 5 exclusive training sessions designed by Greg like “Bust Your Gut” – and “Race” where you compete against him.
  • Clever Towel Holder: What will we think of next?
  • Angled Cup Holder- Because bottles fit better.

Price: $2799.00

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