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Have you found your passion?

A lot of our blogs tend to revolve around weight lifting and exercising tips and tricks, however, we here at Gym Outfitters love to spend some of our free time practicing yoga. … More

Boston Marathon Runner Shalane Flanagan

A year after the Boston marathon bombing, Shalane Flanagan was interviewed for a segment on "60 Minutes" regarding her work to win the Boston marathon this year. The emotions … More

7 Foods You Should Avoid at All Costs!

"It's all about moderation"...I do love coleslaw and I was actually discussing how much sodium is in soy sauce just the other day! What are some of your favorite foods you probably … More

A quick, killer work out!

This series of GWODs was designed especially for Greatist by Bodeefit. For more information about the exercises in this workout, or to see video demos of each movement, follow the … More